Specialist Neurologist

MBChB (US), FC (Neurol) SA, AHMP (Yale)

About Dr A.C. Rossouw

Dr Anastasia Rossouw is a dedicated Medical Specialist and Academic actively involved in the establishment and evaluation of Integrated Health Care Systems with a specific focus on Stroke Care Management in a rural setting as well as international outreach experience.

She is currently the acting Head of Clinical Unit: Division of Neurology at Frere Hospital in East London, South Africa. She was appointed in 2014 with the task to develop, establish and implement neurological services within the hospital and immediately became aware of the high stroke burden.

She has a particular interest in the establishment and development of integrated stroke care services and the development of such services in an under resourced setting. In particular, her research focus has been around the further development of a model of stroke unit care in the absence of resources (staff) and infrastructure (dedicated stroke beds) and how telemedicine can be used to bridge the gap.

Dr Rossouw is a task team member of both the National Angels Committee and the South African Stroke Society and a member of the African Stroke Organisation. She is also a senate member of the College of Neurologists.

Her efforts were awarded when she received the Angels Initiative Spirit of Excellence Award: Exceptional Stroke Champion and Team in 2016 and 2018 respectively. In 2016 the results of this project had earned her the “Best Student” award for the successful completion of the Advanced Health Management Program through Yale University in collaboration with the Foundation of Professional Development), where she achieved cum laude.

Awards & Recognition 

  • Businesswomen’s Association: Regional Businesswomen of the Year (Government Category) award – 2017

  • Awarded a research pilot grant by the South African Medical Research Council to continue with the establishment of integrated stroke care across the province – 2017

  • Awarded the World Stroke Organisation (WSO) Future Leadership Academy Scholarship as an WSO Ambassador  2020-2022

My Ethos

I have a deep desire to see our country prosper through a healthy society in which everyone has an equal opportunity to discover and realise their fullest potential. Improving access to a patient centred, efficient, cost effective, health service and at the same time, promote social cohesion and build social solidarity through an inclusive leadership style.

The Journey

I trained as a Doctor through Stellenbosch University’s School of Medicine and completed my specialist training as a Neurologist through the College of Medicine, South Africa in 2013.

In 2014, I was appointed at Frere Hospital with the task to develop, establish and implement neurological services within the hospital and immediately became aware of the high stroke burden. 

In the absence of burden of disease estimates. I established the “Frere Hospital, Stroke Readiness Programme” where the results provided valuable information, highlighting the need for the development, implementation and evaluation of an integrated stroke care pathway which in the following years would be rolled out across institutions within the province, country and abroad.

My entire career path has prepared me for the challenges and demands that lie ahead, beginning with the acquisition of the necessary academic and technical background; the obtaining of practical hands-on experience in both rural and urban health environments within the EC Province; the successful integration of health systems and processes; the training and development of diverse personnel within both clinical and non-clinical service delivery clusters for the overall improvement of health services in the ECDOH.

The above activities would ultimately set me on a path of becoming a transformational leader, fostering collaboration between people, collaboration between systems and processes and ultimately collaboration between people and the system; this would ultimately become my life’s work.

World Stroke Organisation

The World Stroke Organisation’s Future Leaders Program Committee announced Dr Rossouw’s selection out of a 100 applications globally to represent the Future Leaders Programme in 2021.



Foundation of Professional Development | 2016
Advanced Health Management Programme-cum laude

College of Medicine of South Africa | 2013
FC (Neurol) SA

University of Stellenbosch
2008 – current | MMed in Neurology
2009-2012 | Master’s in Clinical Epidemiology
1998-2004 | MBChB


My career path has provided the experience and expertise required to globally share my knowledge for the benefit of the Health system.  Beginning with the acquisition of the necessary academic and technical background; followed by obtaining practical hands-on experience in both rural and urban health environments.  I have a passion for academic contributions.


My current role marks an exciting period of my career as both public and private sectors identify the need to collaborate in order for us to successfully create a sustainable, affordable healthcare system that is underpinned by the Primary Healthcare Approach and funded by a National Health Insurance. I value the opportunity of collaborating globally.